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Protecting You and Your Family

There are many areas we need to consider when looking to protect yourself and your family. Protection underpins all of your financial planning.

We shall look at the following areas to ensure that all your protection needs are met:

Protecting Your Mortgage
Ensuring your mortgage is paid off in the event of your death or serious illness.

Protecting Your Lifestyle
Ensuring your and your family’s lifestyle continues in the event of death or serious illness. These days mortgage costs represent only a small proportion of a family’s outgoings - we’ll help you to decide what you need to protect.

Protecting Your Income
Ensuring you can continue to have a good quality of life should you suffer a serious illness, so you can concentrate on getting well, and not on how to meet your monthly bills.

Inheritance Tax Mitigation
Preserving your estate for your children and grandchildren or chosen beneficiaries, we will help you to structure your financial arrangements so that your family benefit and not HM Revenue & Customs.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Taxation advice, Trusts or Will writing

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